The RealTexture Residential Exteriors Texture Patterns

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file.tif description texel image tileable

size size x or y

(inch/pixel) wxh (pixel) axis


cloud1.tif dark clouds 25.0 2048x512

cloud2.tif light clouds 50.0 512x512 x

cloud3.tif light clouds 50.0 1024x512

cloud4.tif storm clouds 33.3 1024x512 x

cloud5.tif puffy clouds 25.0 2048x512 x

cloud6.tif full clouds 25.0 2048x512 x

cloud7.tif puffy clouds 100.0 512x256

cloud8.tif full clouds 100.0 512x256 x

cloud9.tif night clouds 100.0 1024x512


Entry Doors

door1.tif white metal door 0.08 512x1024

door2.tif white metal door 0.08 512x1024

door3.tif white wood double door 0.16 512x512

door4.tif white metal door with semicircular window 0.08 512x1024

door5.tif brown wood door with faceted glass windows 0.08 512x1024

door6.tif red metal door with semicircular window 0.08 512x1024

door7.tif brown wood door with semicircular window 0.09 512x1024

door8.tif white metal door with narrow windows 0.09 512x1024

Garage Doors

garge1.tif white metal garage door 0.19 1024x512

garge2.tif white metal garage door 0.21 1024x512

garge3.tif small white metal garage door 0.23 512x512

garge4.tif brown and tan wood garage door 0.18 1024x512

garge5.tif blue diagonal wood siding garage door 0.18 512x512

garge6.tif white metal garage door with brown trim 0.22 512x512

garge7.tif white vertical wood garage door with vents 0.18 1024x512

garge8.tif white horizontal wood garage door with vents 0.18 512x512

garge9.tif light blue wood garage door with vents 0.20 512x512

gargea.tif light blue wood garage door with white trim 0.20 1024x512

gargeb.tif white wood garage door with row of windows 0.20 1024x512

gargec.tif gray metal garage door pattern 0.05 1024x512 x y

Fence Surfaces


mfnc1.tif thin horizontal stone masonry fence 0.28 256x256 x

mfnc2.tif low red brick fence 0.15 1024x512 x

mfnc3.tif stone masonry fence 0.27 1024x256 x

mfnc4.tif adobe masonry fence 0.13 1024x1024 x


metal1.tif white metal fence 0.25 512x512 x

metal2.tif white ornate metal fence 0.13 512x512 x


edge1.tif wood edging cylinders 0.05 1024x256 x

piket1.tif white pointy picket fence 0.09 512x512 x

piket2.tif white rectilinear picket fence 0.15 512x512 x

trelis1.tif white trellis pattern 0.03 512x512 x y

trelis2.tif brown and white trellis pattern 0.17 256x256 x y

wdfnc1.tif reddish brown slat wood fence 0.15 1024x512 x

wdfnc2.tif reddish brown wood fence 0.19 512x512 x

wdfnc3.tif reddish brown wood paneled fence 0.19 512x512 x

wdfnc4.tif brown painted wood fence 0.16 1024x512 x

wdfnc5.tif brown wood fence 0.14 1024x512 x

wdfnc6.tif reddish wood fence 0.25 1024x512 x

wdfnc7.tif tall thin wood fence 0.20 512x512 x

wdfnc8.tif brown wood slat fence 0.16 512x512 x

wdfnc9.tif brown wood slat fence 0.10 1024x512 x y

Ground Surfaces


asflt1.tif dark black asphalt 0.14 256x256 x y

asflt2.tif black asphalt 0.15 512x512 x y

asflt3.tif light gray asphalt 0.10 1024x512 x y

asflt4.tif close coarse aggregate black asphalt 0.03 512x512 x y

asflt5.tif coarse aggregate black asphalt 0.04 512x512 x y


bark1.tif brown thin bark 0.09 512x512 x y

bark2.tif bark and dirt 0.23 256x256 x y

bark3.tif redwood bark 0.04 1024x512 x y


conc1.tif reddish concrete with aggregate 0.05 512x512 x y

conc2.tif exposed aggregate concrete 0.08 512x512 x y

conc3.tif exposed aggregate concrete 0.04 512x512 x y

conc4.tif concrete with expansion joints 0.03 1024x512 x y

conc5.tif wood formed concrete 0.14 512x512 x y


gravl1.tif polished gravel 0.03 512x512 x y

gravl2.tif grayish brown gravel 0.02 512x512 x y

gravl3.tif gray gravel 0.13 512x512 x y

gravl4.tif white quartz gravel 0.02 512x512 x y

Ground Cover

flowr1.tif lavender color flowers 0.03 512x512 x y

flowr2.tif white dense flowers 0.07 512x512 x y

flowr3.tif dense lavender colored flowers 0.04 512x512 x y

flowr4.tif dense reddish flowers 0.02 512x512 x y

grass1.tif near tall grass 0.05 512x512 x y

grass2.tif near grass 0.04 512x512 x y

grass3.tif distant grass 0.12 512x512 x y

grass4.tif bright green grass 0.06 1024x1024 x y

leavs1.tif lush green ground cover 0.03 512x512 x y


cblst1.tif light gray cobblestone 0.03 512x512 x y

cblst2.tif red brick cobblestone 0.03 512x512 x y

cblst3.tif dark gray cobblestone 0.03 512x512 x y

gbrik1.tif brownish brick 0.03 512x512 x y

gbrik2.tif red brick pattern with grass 0.05 512x512 x y

gbrik3.tif red brick pattern with grass 0.07 512x512 x y

gbrik4.tif brown, red, and gray brick 0.05 512x512 x y

wafle1.tif waffle masonry units 0.14 512x256 x y


dekng1.tif dark wood decking 0.09 1024x1024 x y

dekng2.tif light wood decking 0.11 1024x512 x y

Roof Materials


atile1.tif brown, red, and tan asphalt shingles 0.42 1024x512 x y

atile2.tif close gray asphalt shingles 0.06 512x512 x y

atile3.tif dark brown asphalt shingles 0.28 1024x512 x y

atile4.tif brown asphalt shingles 0.22 1024x512 x y

atile5.tif close gray asphalt shingles 0.08 1024x512 x y


tiles1.tif red Spanish roofing tiles 0.28 256x256 x y

tiles2.tif gray Spanish roofing tiles 0.38 512x256 x y

tiles3.tif dark rectilinear roof tiles 0.25 256x256 x y


stile1.tif light wood shake roof tiles 0.20 512x512 x y

stile2.tif dark wood shake roof tiles 0.50 256x256 x y

stile3.tif light brown dirty wood shingles 0.13 512x512 x y

stile4.tif light brown wood shingles 0.11 512x512 x y



bush1.tif small square bush 0.08 512x512

bush2.tif small square bush 0.08 512x512

bush3.tif small square bush 0.08 512x512

bush4.tif row medium green bush 0.05 512x1024 x

bush5.tif close bush pattern 0.06 512x512 x y

bush6.tif full tall green bush 0.13 512x512

bush7.tif full wide green bush 0.10 512x512

bush8.tif full green bush 0.14 512x512

Climbing Plants

climb1.tif close climbing leaves 0.04 1024x512 x y

climb2.tif close dark green climbing leaves 0.12 256x256 x y

climb3.tif far climbing plants 0.35 1024x512 x y

climb4.tif wall climbing plants 0.30 512x512 x y


palm1.tif tall sparse palm tree 0.59 256x512

palm2.tif tall full palm tree 0.64 12x1024

palm3.tif short full palm tree 0.27 1024x1024

palm4.tif medium tall palm tree 0.44 1024x1024

pine1.tif full green pine tree 0.41 512x1024

pine2.tif stout pine tree 0.30 1024x1024

pine3.tif full green pine tree 0.43 1024x1024

tree1.tif oval shaped tree 0.27 512x1024

tree2.tif circular form tree 0.41 512x512

tree3.tif pair of large oaks 1.71 1024x512

tree4.tif wide short tree 0.45 512x512

tree5.tif tall sparse tree 0.24 512x1024

tree6.tif tall narrow tree 0.21 512x1024

tree7.tif medium size tree 0.18 1024x1024

tree8.tif short full tree 0.23 1024x1024


acvnt1.tif air conditioning vent 0.09 512x512

vent1.tif metal rectangular vent 0.03 512x512

vent2.tif laundry vent 0.02 512x512

vent3.tif rectangular vent with wire mesh 0.06 512x128

vent4.tif metal square vent 0.07 256x256

vent5.tif narrow horizontal metal vent 0.12 512x128

vent6.tif metal rectangular vent 0.04 512x256

vent7.tif circular stucco and wood vent 0.09 512x512

Wall Surfaces


conc6.tif exposed aggregate concrete 0.07 512x512 x y

conc7.tif light gray concrete 0.05 512x512 x y

csdng1.tif light tan horizontal wood formed concrete 0.07 1024x512 x y

csdng2.tif brownish horizontal wood formed concrete 0.20 512x256 x y

rcon1.tif medium gray reinforced concrete 0.23 1024x512 x y


msnry1.tif light tan brick masonry 0.08 512x512 x y

msnry2.tif tan concrete masonry units 0.13 512x512 x y

msnry3.tif tan brick masonry 0.12 512x512 x y

msnry4.tif white brick masonry 0.13 1024x512 x y

msnry5.tif red brick masonry 0.05 512x512 x y

msnry6.tif vertical tile masonry 0.15 512x512 x y

msnry7.tif light tan block masonry 0.17 512x512 x y

msnry8.tif stone masonry 0.24 512x512 x y


stuco1.tif light cream colored stucco 0.13 512x512 x y

stuco2.tif smooth light gray stucco 0.06 512x512 x y

stuco3.tif close brown stucco 0.06 512x512 x y

stuco4.tif dense brown stucco 0.10 1024x512 x y

stuco5.tif orange colored stucco 0.08 512x512 x y

stuco6.tif light gray stucco 0.10 512x512 x y

stuco7.tif light gray stucco 0.10 512x512 x y

stuco8.tif brown stucco 0.10 512x512 x y

stuco9.tif coarse stucco weave 0.02 512x512 x y

stucoa.tif close light gray stucco weave 0.05 256x256 x y


wdsdn1.tif vertical brown wood siding 0.10 1024x512 x y

wdsdn2.tif diagonal light brown wood siding 0.19 256x256 x y

wdsdn3.tif horizontal thin white wood siding 0.24 256x256 x y

wdsdn4.tif horizontal thin and wide white wood siding 0.09 512x512 x y

wdsdn5.tif horizontal white wood siding 0.20 512x512 x y

wdsdn6.tif vertical light brown wood siding 0.10 512x512 x y

wdshn1.tif white rounded wood shingles 0.07 1024x512 x y

wdshn2.tif wood shingles 0.07 1024x512 x y

wdshn3.tif close light yellow wood shingles 0.05 1024x512 x y

wood1.tif vertical reddish wood board 0.09 512x512 x y

wood2.tif horizontal wood board 0.07 256x256 x y


glsbk1.tif glass block 0.11 512x512 x y

glsbk2.tif glass block 0.08 512x512 x y

skylt1.tif skylight 0.20 256x512

winin1.tif interior window detail 0.11 256x128 x y

wndo1.tif white wood framed window 0.11 512x512

wndo2.tif white metal framed window 0.12 512x512

wndo3.tif narrow window with horizontal blinds 0.22 256x256

wndo4.tif window with brown horizontal blinds 0.17 512x512

wndo5.tif narrow black metal framed horizontal window 0.19 512x128

wndo6.tif square stucco framed window 0.14 256x256

wndo7.tif stucco framed window 0.11 512x512

wndo8.tif vertical narrow window with reddish shudders 0.12 512x512

wndo9.tif window with horizontal blinds and arched top 0.13 512x512

wndoa.tif white metal framed window with horizontal blinds 0.13 512x512

wndob.tif horizontal white metal framed window 0.17 512x256

wndoc.tif brown deep wood framed window 0.10 512x512

wndod.tif open window with burgundy shudders 0.29 256x256

wndoe.tif window with black shudders 0.15 512x512

wndof.tif metal framed window with white horizontal blinds 0.15 512x512

wndog.tif square paned window with water stains 0.05 1024x512 x y

wndoh.tif beige window with arched top 0.22 256x256

wndoi.tif metal framed window with gray shudders 0.25 512x256

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