The RealTexture Residential Exteriors

Over 190 high-resolution photorealistic texture patterns. Tilable and ready to use in simulators, VR games, artistic renderings, or on the World Wide Web. The RealTexture Library will increase the realism in your creation of 3-D worlds for simulators and virtual reality experiences. All patterns in the library were derived from photographic sources and can be applied to 3-D models created with nearly all modeling tools. The RealTexture Residential Exteriors patterns, created with CGSD's RealTexture Tools, will add breathtaking realism too any 3-D database, whether it is a simulation, video game, or VRML world.

The RealTexture residential Exteriors is the first in a series of specialty texture sets for 3D modeling applications. Pattern resolutions vary depending upon the subject matter, with 512 x 512 being a typical high resolution. A complete list of the patterns, their resolutions, and scale factors is provided. Created with the same attention to detail as our RealTexture Library, the patterns in this collection include:

Backgrounds, including photographic clouds and sky
Vegetation, including bushes and trees
Paved surfaces, including asphalt and concrete
Fences and walls
Ground covers, including grasses and flower beds
Roofing, including tile and shingles
Doors and windows in various styles

All 190 patterns on CD for only $149. Provided in tif format, compatible with all computers.


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