Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is really not as strange as it seems. People with normal vision always see panoramicly. Views limited to the tiny "windows" of conventional photography are the ones that that are really unusual. Photographic equipment has traditionally been made for taking non-panoramic images, but one may understand that is a limitation of technology and not necessarily an advantage.

 Good panoramic photos provide a strong sense of what it was like to be in the place where the image was taken at the time is was taken. The best photos therefore are taken in interesting places at interesting times. The pleasure of panoramic photography derives from getting everything together - the place, the time, and the photo technology - to making an image that captures the sense of place.

 Technical notes on panoramic photography are provided separately..


Panoramic photos are best viewed large, but that can be a test of patience on the net. The "large versions" here are 50 to 75 kb JPEG files that will be about seven inches wide when downloaded. The "larger versions" are about 180 to 250 kb JPEG files that will be about 14 inches wide when downloaded, which means the image will just about fit across a 20 inch monitor.

Large version. Larger version.

 One of the ways to get to Yellowstone National Park is to fly into Cody, Wyoming and drive west. The road from Cody to Yellowstone offers scenic wonders seemingly made for the panoramic camera.

Large version. Larger version.

 Yellowstone Park could keep a panoramic photographer busy for a lifetime. The steam from the geyser vents help fill the sky.

Large version. Larger version.

 The islands of Hawaii provide many choice panoramas. This view is from atop of Haleakala ("House of the Sun"), an extinct volcano on the island of Maui.

Large version. Larger version.

 The road from Haleakala to the ocean is about twenty miles downhill. People rent bicyles at the top and coast past vistas like the one above. The real scene looked "too green" as well.

Large version. Larger version.

 The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens were this picture was taken are a few miles north of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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