I first travelled to Japan in 1980.  I was working on installing a flight simultor in Tokyo, and stayed for about six months. Early in my stay I had some opportunites to travel. I have had some opportunities visit Japan since then, and my appreciation of things Japanese has increased over the years.

Photo Pages

During my stay in 1980, I visited Ueno Park in Tokyo.

Nikko combines mountain scenery with spectacularly ornate shrines; my photos are from 1980.

Here are some pictures of the city life of Sapporo taken in May of 1998.

Sapporo's Nakajima Park was especially lovely with spring flowers.

In June of 1999, we had an opportunity to travel to northern Hokkaido, taking a ferry to Rishiri.

Rishiri harbor is the heart of a quiet fishing village.

Sapporo hosts a magnificent Snow Festival each winter,  day and night scenes.

The port city of Otaru, north of Sapporo, is picturesque in winter. (February 2000)


Victorian lady Isabella Bird traveled to Japan in 1878, communicating her observations in the form of letters to her sister. The accounts were soon published in book form as Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, which has become a classic of travel literature.  Her travels featured visits to Nikko and Hokkaido. We learn much about the Japan of old, and more than a little about the sensibilities of the Victorian era.

My conversion of the text into web format presently has a number of errors, although I hope none so severe make it unreadable. I have converted many of the original British spellings into the corresponding American forms, and converted the frequent references to "Yezo" to "Hokkaido (Yezo)".  I intend to similarly transpose other place names to more modern forms. Purists will no doubt find my changes to be nothing short of vandalism, but I insist that they are minor departures which help the readablity without damage to the meaning.


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