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 I spend nearly all my time tending to Computer Graphics Systems Development (CGSD) Corporation, a small high tech business in Mountain View, California that I founded in 1990. My technical specialty, it seems, is Eclectic Engineering.  My resume is below.

 I grew up in Orient, New York, a small town (pop. 600) on the rural east end of Long Island. At various times I've lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts (for school); Alamogordo, New Mexico (testing aircraft navigation equipment); Reno, Nevada (more navigation stuff); and Tokyo, Japan (installing a Flight simulator). I moved to Silicon Valley in 1978 and have enjoyed living here with a fervor ordinarily found only in religous converts. More than anything else, it is the critical mass of high technology here that makes life here so interesting. The incredible climate and the tremendous variety of scenery and culture do not hurt a bit either.

 My wife, P.Y. Cheng (Ph.D Math, UC Davis), and I live in Fremont, which is on the east side of San Francisco Bay; Mountain View is on the west side of the Bay. The daily commute over the Dumbarton Bridge each day is always a scenic delight, if not always a traffic delight. Because we have a number of important business customers in Orlando, Florida, we travel regularly and spend a fair amount of time in central Florida.

 My non-work interests, for which there is always too little time, include photography, reading, and writing. I am especially interested in panoramic photography, the kind done with special cameras that spin around to take in a wide field of view. A few years ago we had a business need, believe it or not, to do kite aerial photography, and this fits well with my interest in kites as well as photography.  I have been taking pictures for a long time, and recently found some photos of the 1964 New York World's Fair.  Over the years, I have been occasionally posting photos to this site, mostly travel photos, so know there are enough to merit an index.

I first became interested in Japan when I worked for a short while in Tokyo in 1980. That interest is grown over the years, and I have posted a Japan page for those who share this interest.

I also collect dictionaries, both English language dictionaries, including dictionaries of specialized terminology, and dictionaries of other languages to English. I have about 200 volumes in my collection.

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