The 1964 New York World's Fair at Night

I was a teenager at the time, and somehow had managed to buy a used Miranda DR single lens reflex camera with a fast lens, f1.8 as I recall. On top of that, Kodak had recently introduced it's High Speed Ektachrome film with a rating of 160. This was enough to set off at night without a tripod, resulting in some slightly blurry images. Click on any of the images on this page to see larger, 480 x 640 versions.

The towers with the disks came to be associated with the Fair nearly as closely as the official symbol, the Unisphere.  A street lined with flags led to the Unisphere.

The scale of the Unisphere can be judged by the dark outlines of the people against the fountains at the base. The Unisphere remains in the park in Flushing.

I doubt if the 64 Fair invented the concept of an evening show of lighted fountains, music, and fireworks, but it introduced it to many, many people.

copyright Roy Latham 1964, 1999