The Synthesized Ocean Bump Texture Map Plug-in can be used to create bump textures that simulate ocean surfaces. The program simulates the appearance of realistic ocean waves by interpreting user-keyed swell and wind-strength factors in the Adobe Photoshop environment. The plug-in imports an RGB image, composing the texture (i.e. color definition) of the overall image along with the corresponding alpha-channel bump map. The texture incorporates sea foam and white-capped waves resulting from wind, as well as a water color that depends on the cloudiness of the sky. The bump map incorporates more pronounced swell waves along with the wind and noise waves. The plug-in creates tilable images that can be animated in a loop.

Wave Bump Synthesis is used to create corresponding bump and texture maps of the ocean in a variety of weather conditions. It takes inputs such as wind strength, direction, and wave swell size then creates the proper image and bump maps for those conditions. The created images are designed to tile. In addition, a number of consecutive images can be created to make a realistic animation loop of the oceanís surface.

Wave.avi (2.08MB)

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