Bump Texture Tools™ Sample Textures

The following can be downloaded in their full 32 bit TIF format. A fourth channel is provided as a Height Map. TIFF is not supported by many web viewers, but it is supported by Adobe Photoshop and similar programs. To download the a file, point to the file name by the pattern and use the "Save link as ..." feature of your web browser with "Source" format. (For example. with Netscape on the Mac, this is done by holding the mouse button down until the menu with "Save link as ... appears.) To see an enlarged version of the pattern click on the image.

Important notice. These texture patterns are copyrighted by CGSD Corporation. Free use, modification, and distribution of the patterns downloaded from this page is hereby granted, provided that CGSD's copyright is acknowledged with the distribution and a notice similar to this one regarding reuse is included with the distribution. These patterns my not be sold without the specific, prior written permission of CGSD.

Forest - This TIF file is about (230K) avpln1_1.tif

Tree bark- This TIF file is about (200K) bark4_1.tif

Grass - This TIF file is about (220K) grassb_1.tif


Concrete - This TIF file is about (100K) hconc1_1.tif
Material from samples maps, compatable with 3D Studio Max 3.1 or higher- This MAT file is about (24K) Samples.mat

Copyright CGSD Corp. 2001