CGSD Company Background

Company History

The company founder and president is Roy Latham, who previously led major graphics-related projects at Sun Microsystems, Kaiser Electronics, and Link Flight Simulation. He holds patents in the field of computer graphics, has authored numerous technical papers and a book in the field. He holds advanced degrees in computer science and in applied mathematics, and undergraduate degrees in aeronautics and astronautics and in electrical engineering.

Since its founding in 1990, CGSD has built a solid reputation for expertise in its field. Aerospace remains the mainstay of the company's business, with clients including Loral, Grumman, General Electric, Martin Marietta, Link-Miles (U.K.), Atlas Electronik (Germany), the U.S. Air Force, the U.S Army, and the U.K. Ministry of Defence. Commercial applications of the technology, particularly systems for entertainment systems, are now a rapidly growing segment of CGSD's business, where the company works both with start-ups and well-established enterprises.

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