Web Technology

There are many companies that provide web products and services. Sun and SGI are featured above.

Our feed to the web goes through Brainstorm Networks, who have given us good, economica l service.

Caligari makes Fountain!, a software tool for browsing and building three-dimensional hom e worlds on the World Wide Web. A copy may be downloaded for evaluation.

Connect, Inc. Connect, Inc., provides software and services for interactive electronic commerce formed a business alliance with Oracle Corporation to target World Wide Web application opportunities in the retail, telecom and financial services markets.

Cromerica specializes in the creation of web pages for individuals and small organizations at a reasonable cost. They are in downtown Mtn. View.

Datamania provides web services, including special developer accounts, as well home page development and multiplatform systems integration services.

Edge Integrated Information Systems (IE-IIS) focuses on providing internet-based tools to support sales people. will have all the information at their fingertips.

Great Circle Associates specializes in Internet training and consulting, including public and private Internet tutorials.

International Network Services (INS) is "the only nationwide network services company that focuses on network operations and offers both consulting and technical internetworking services for mission-critical, heterogeneous networks." They have a field office in Mountain View.

Hart Consulting provides web design and tech writing services. Updated from 12, they offer "17 Ways to Save Money on Your Web Pages." This site has much of interest to web page builders.

KnowledgeSet Corporation is a leading developer of on-line full-text search and retrieval software products spanning UNIX, MS Windows, and Macintosh platforms as well as the Internet.

Another company, meernet, provides a variety of Internet services. They think Mountain View is "somewhat ugly," if you can imagine that.

Netscape, of course, is the big gun in web software.

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