High Tech Companies in Mountain View, CA

Adobe Systems pioneered the PostScript printer language and produces many software products. I used Adobe Photoshop to prepare the images for this Mountain View Tour.

 Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, Inc. has developed a commercial software tool called FLIGHTLAB., a software tool which provides engineers a unified environment to rapidly prototype, model, analyze and generate real-time simulations of nonlinear dynamic systems.

 Aspect Development, Inc. is the leading worldwide provider of Component & Supplier Management (CSM) systems and electronic reference databases for preferred part and supplier management, parts selection and design reuse.

Atria's primary product is ClearCase, a source control and configuration management system that runs on a variety of Unix systems and on Windows NT.

 Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. publishes unique industry reports, including the Buyer's Guide to DSP Processors and DSP Design Tools and Methodologies, and books related to digital signal processing technology.

 Booz Allen & Hamilton is "a global management and technology consulting firm committed to helping senior management of industry, service, and government organizations improve their performance and develop the capabilities needed to compete and thrive in the global marketplace." I.e., helps them get rich.

 Composite Rotor, Inc. makes replacement rotors for floor model centrifuges. To date Composite Rotor has introduced eight models of carbon fiber rotors and placed them world wide.

Consilium's business is providing integrated manufacturing execution systems (MES) solutions for optimizing manufacturing performance. MES forms the heart of the manufacturing enterprise in complex or highly regulated production environments.

Cygnus Support provides UNIX development tools and support, including GNU software. They have an unusual Christmas feature in their Web site - a camera on the tree and way that web users can control the lights.

 Digital Pathways, Inc., products guard local area and enterprisewide networks from unauthorized entry, tampering and theft of information.

 DISK/TREND,is the leading supplier of market research on the worldwide disk drive industry.

 The Eclipse Technical Group (ETG) provides consulting and contract development services, and develops and participates in new product and technology ventures. They specialize in system software and computer systems, with a focus on the consumer-oriented computer and communications industries.

Elemental Designs, Inc. provides software engineering services to businesses in and around Silicon Valley.

 en Vision, founded in Mountain View as Cactus Design, is an identity consulting/design firm developing unified identity, product design and communications for corporate clients and organizations.

 Eakins Open Systems, is a computer systems integrator. They cover a diverse product area, particularly specializing in SUN, HP, IBM, and X-Windows platforms; Networking products; system tools and software.

 The Elan Computer Group provides software licensing technologies to major software companies worldwide. Their software manages licenses over Unix and Windows networks.

 Enterprise Corporation International develops and markets selected Quality Assurance products and services.

 Finisar Corporation produces high-speed fiber optic data links, network products, and gigabit link analyzers.

 FirmWorks makes available Open Firmware, an integrated monitor/debugger specified by IEEE 1275-1994, for a variety of platforms, including SPARC, PowerPC, Alpha, and Intel x86.

 First Floor Software produces software that lets you create catalogs of Web sites and automatically monitor them for changes An evaluation version is available for download.

 Global Graphics is a San Francisco Bay Area based design company that specializes in Web Pages .. Custom CGI .. Logos .. Writing/Editing .. Illustrations .. Brochures .. Booklets .. Zines .. Games

Global Village makes modems and communications products for personal computers. They have an award-winning web page.

 Glyphic Technology licenses technology and develops computer software. A number of their projects involve Apple computers.
MBT Architecture, based in San Francisco, has a nice page on the design of GTE's Mountain View facility, a high technology research and development operation serving projectsystem development under U.S. Government and military contract. Construction was completed in 1989.

 Hyperion has a site with SciFi and VR links, but you cannot figure out from their site what they do for a living.

 ILOG, Inc. is a provider of pre-built C++ software components . in the areas of data visualization, object services, and application logic, packaged as modular and portable C++ class libraries for ready integration.

 Infinity Financial Technology is the leading provider of extensible software solutions to capital markets and treasury operations, should you need some of that.

 Inmark Development Corporation makes software tools for C++ applications and cross-platform graphical user interface development.

 Insignia Solutions makes software that lets Mac owners run PC software.

 InSolutions, Inc. specializes in outsource manufacturing for media replication, printing and product assembly, including a full-range of CD-ROM services from CD-Recordable duplication to CD authoring,.

 IntelliGenetics makes biotechnology software.

 Intrepid Technology provides software consulting services, including development tools, systems software, and real time software.

 JC Labs manufactures high speed video cameras, recorders, and other video components for motion capture and analysis, up to 1000 images per second.

 Kaleida Labs, develops ScriptX, an object-oriented programming language for multimedia. (This Apple/IBM venture is slated to phase out independent operation.)

 The Latitude Group makes software tools for porting Macintosh applications to UNIX platforms.

 MINDSOURCE is a Unix contracting and placement firm , owned and operated by Unix Software Engineers.

Media 100 worldwide user's group; "examining the step-by-step techniques of creating digital video and computer animation.

 NASA Ames has a fine home page, and they also have an archive of space images.

 Network Appliance makes NFS file servers for computer networks.

 Neuron Data, Inc. located on Villa Street (at the corner of Shoreline and the train tracks). Neuron Data develops and sells business rules software and graphical user interface development tools.

 Nomadic is the originator of the "Mobile Robot System" a robot with mobility, sensing, and high level development systems. The Nomad 200 has become the most popular mobile robot system for research in the world.

 Nutec's main focus is dial-up serial-based user interfaces. Nutec Desktop (ND), our main product, is a Unix-based package which implements a full multi-session window manager. ND supports all character terminals, AlphaWindow and Graphical AlphaWindow terminals as well as multi-consoles.

Ray Dream develops and sells software for 3D graphics modeling.

 Remedy Corporation builds computer applications for support and business processes. Their help-desk product has 1200 sites in 25 countries.

 Need a we bit of titanium or molybdenum to finish off that project? Robin Materials is the place to shop. And yes, they do have tungsten-rhenium alloys.

 The SETI Institute searches for intelligent life on other planets. (You are at this point obliged to make your own joke.) SETI has more than two dozens projects doing research on all aspects of life in the universe.

Sierra Scientific is Picker International's division which provides the development and manufacture of medical television systems utilized in fluoroscopic, vascular, and other applications.

 Silicon Graphics is known for graphics workstation products. They make the products favored for creating the type of special effects graphics used in Hollywood productions.

 SimulTrans delivers fast, accurate translations of technical documents for the high-tech, health-care, and heavy-equipment industries. The company motto is "22 languages. One release date."

Silicon Composers is a full service engineering and manufacturing company. Many of their applications feature single board computers.

Spectel Company was formed in 1990 by Dr. Mark Davidson as a research and development company for advancing the state of technology in semiconductor instrumentation and fabrication. It's focus is computer simulation of optical and SEM imaging instruments and innovation in instrumentation design.

Starlight Networks(tm) develops and markets digital multimedia networking software products for use in video-on-demand and live video network multimedia applications.

 Storm Software makes products for putting photos on PC's.

 Sun Microsystems has its official headquarters in Mountain View. Sun used to have most of its engineering in Mountain View, but has switched to a new large campus in nearby Menlo Park. The Sun "unofficial" headquarters building is actually in Palo Alto and was purchased from Ford Aerospace in the late 80's, and had to substantially renovated for earthquake safety. The "bay window" structures on the outside of the basic box of the building were added for strength. I've been told that fixing the old building cost more than building a new one from scratch, except that now it would not be possible to get a permit for a building with so many stories.

 Sun Microsystems, near San Antonio and Highway 101, actually in Palo Alto.

 Synopsys offers a complete line of software tools for circuit synthesis, verification, and test.

 Tatung Telecom Corporation was established in 1985, this division develops and markets innovative telecommunications equipment, including phones and wireless equipments

Tencor is a leading supplier of wafer inspection, film measurement and metrology systems for semiconductor manufacturing and related industries. Their hompage sports a nifty effect in which a color image overlays a black and white one.

 Trusted Information Systems, Inc. (TIS) provides computer and communications security solutions for information systems.

 VA Research assembles and configures PC components to run Linux, which they say is "the cost effective alternative to high priced workstations."

 Verity makes intelligent agent software to help sift through the vast amounts information now available everywhere.

 Viewgraphics manufactures a broad range of advanced video, imaging and computer products targeted at high-end television research (HDTV), video compression research (MPEG), as well as computer based film and television production applications.

VITACOM is one of satellite technologies most successful suppliers of earth station equipment and communications networks, providing satellite links between business and government entities.

WESCORP does everything imaginable related to the prevention and elimination of static electricity in the process of assembly, transportation and, storage of Electro Static Discharge Sensitive components.

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