The City of Mountain View has a home page. The city's page has been expanded this past fall and really has a lot of good information . It has a fine calendar of events and the schedule for the Performing Arts Center.

There is an official Mountain View Chamber of Commerce home page. A nicely constructed page, they provide information on starting a business, information on relocating to the area, and a businesss directory. It is a little surprising, given the overall high-tech profile of Mountain View, that the Chamber of Commerce has the same low-tech orientation as most chambers of commerce, but nonetheless they provide valuable services.

There is a Mountain View High School Alumni email address list page. Mountain View High School now has a homepage.

If you are interested in the local Boy Scout, Troop 87, Mountain View has a Boy Scout organization which both the kids and the parents can be a part of.

Religous Groups

Mountain View is home to many religious groups, including a large Buddhist group. However, the Lutherans were in the vanguard on the web, with the St. Stephen the first church home page we could find in town.

Peninsula Hills Presbyterian. The church is a member church of the Presbyterian Church in America.

First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View a medium-sized church affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Non-Profit Organizations

Since 1957, Community Services Agency has been helping the hungry, the homeless, the needy, and elderly in Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills. They assisted over 8,000 individuals last year; they need volunteers.

The Irish Culture Society brings Irish culture to the community and schools by promoting the language, literature, lore, history, art, crafts, archaeology, music, and dance of Ireland. Most events take place in the South Peninsula area.

Catholics for a Free Choice is a national non-profit organization which provides a voice for the majority of Catholics who uphold reproductive freedom.

El Camino Hospital is a non-profit community hospital operated by Camino Healthcare System.

Sentinel Press is a non-profit publishing corporation, dedicated to providing a forum for new authors to express their unique perspective on "critical issues relating to the Christian life."

... and now for something completely different

Even though their internet domains of these sites are registered in Mtn. View, they could be located elsewhere; we just couldn't resist including these links to liven up Mountain view's stodgy image.

The Acceptance Services Center home page will be of interest to those would "understand that all individuals are always creating or co-creating their own and mutual experiences. People need only clarify just what they are actually doing, and realize the mechanics of how they are doing it, to manifest increasingly conscious direction over the fulfillment of their lives and destinies."

KWEB - Kinky Women Expanding Boundaries is for girls who want to be just like the girl who tied up dear old dad. In perusing this site it is useful know that BDSM is an abbreviation for bondage/dominance /submission/masochism. Admirably, they do not take themselves too seriously.

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