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RealTexture Tools
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Bump Texture Tools
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Tunnel Flight This file is approximately 4.5 MB. The animation shows a space ship traveling through a rock tunnel. Bumpmapping is used on the walls of the tunnel. Notice how the polygons are proved to be flat when viewed so the edge is in profile. The space ship has a blue search light shining on the tunnel walls. The clip was rendered with Discreet's 3ds max™.

Rescue Mission Helicopter flies toward an island and hovers over a body of water. Waves and rotor down wash from chopper blades were synthetically generated by the Bump Texture Tools' Wave Synthesis Generator and RotorDownwash plug-ins. The terrain and corn field bump textures were used from the CGSD Bump Texture Library. The clip was rendered with Discreet's 3ds max™.

Sea State Animation This file is .763 MB. The clip shows a rendering of the current version of the tool that synthesizes bump maps according to sea state and wind conditions. The patterns are rendered here as displacement maps in Discreet 3ds max™.

Etown Building Library
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Etown.avi This file is 3.16MB. The clip is a fly-through, which demostrates our large 3-D model library of buildings, houses, towers, etc.


Driving Simulator
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Berkeley Drive-through This file is approximately 8MB. The clip includes a look at our DS230 Driving Simulator and demonstrates its real-time features with a drive-through of a virtual Berkeley California. The 3-D database of the popular college town was built by CGSD staff, using various specialized software and available public resources.

3-D Database
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Spivey's/Monte Vista Drive-in (8.6MB) The Silicon Valley, home of CGSD Corporation, was not always known as the world's technology capital. In simpler times, the area had many orchards, canaries, and yes, drive-in theaters. Designed for real time viewing, this database is a replica of a Mountain View, CA city block, circa 1963. Put together by CGSD staff, it contains once familiar local landmarks, which include a Standard gas station, a drive-in theater, an orchard, and a diner.

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