A few exotic displays require genlocked video, i.e., video from separate channels that is synchronized pixel-by-pixel. This is achieved only with special hardware found in expensive image generators. For most simulations, which do not require pixel-by-pixel synchronization, ChannelSYNC offers an inexpensive alternative.

ChannelSYNC is a software package that synchronizes multiple (up to 8) video display channels from separate computers. Only common low cost network hardware is required; no special hardware is necessary.

Using frame synchs from each video card, ChannelSYNC separately extrapolates the viewpoint position for each networked video channel to correspond with the actual frame toggle time for each video card. Synchronization accuracy is better than 1 millisecond. ChannelSYNC is a simple to use API that is provided with source code, in ‘C++’, to be integrated and compiled with your application. The results are truly amazing!

ChannelSYNC is suitable for multi-channel computer games as well as multi-channel aircraft, helicopter, ship, and automobile simulators.



ChannelSYNC Uses Ordinary Network Hardware

Requirements: PC with Windows 95 or later, a dedicated 100baseT network card, and a dedicated network switch (see block diagram). A second network card * may be used to permit access to user network resources during application software development.

Price: $249

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