CGSD Releases Color Science Library 2.0

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, Feb. 24, Computer Graphics Systems Development (CGSD) Corporation has released version 2.0 of its Color Science Library, a package of over 150 C language functions that users can incorporate into their software for converting among color spaces and color naming systems. The Library is designed for use by multimedia producers, graphics developers, and color scientists. It allows users to convert among different color representations, including RGB space used by color monitors and scanners, CMYK space used for printing, YIQ space used for broadcast, the CIELAB space used as an international standard, and to fifteen other color spaces, including dictionaries of color names, the Munsell color system, and the German DIN standard.

Color Science Library Version 2.0 features provisions for customizing RGB conversions for the characteristics of individual monitors and scanners. The CMYK conversions may be customized for the characteristics of individual printing devices using device profiles in Adobe's AST format. Calculations are ordinarily performed in 32-bit floating point, but 8-bit and 16-bit functions are provided to speed selected image conversions. The new version also features improved error handling flexibility.

The Library is available from CGSD for PC Windows[tm] 95/NT, MacOS PowerPC [tm], SunOS and Solaris, and SGI IRIX platforms for $575. All versions include a sample C language application program. The Windows version includes a DLL compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic[tm] and a sample Visual Basic program.

CGSD Corporation,, is a privately held research and development firm specializing in graphics and simulation technologies.

Contact: P.Y. Cheng, V.P. Marketing, CGSD Corporation, 2483 Old Middlefield Way, Suite 140, Mountain View, CA, 94043, phone 650-903-4925, fax 650-967-5252, e-mail Further information, including a screen shot of a Windows sample application may be found at

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