The E-Town Building Library provides high quality at a remarkably low price . . . and the models are ready for real time applications!

The E-Town[tm] Building Library is a library of 3D models for use in interactive applications, especially real time simulation. There are 100 3D models supplied on CD-ROM, with typically four levels of detail of each model. The database shown above was built by adding cars, streets, and some trees to the buildings provided on the CD. The levels of detail typically range from about 12 polygons to 400 polygons for each model, although some of the commercial buildings have versions with well over 1000 polygons. The building library includes:

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The models are supplied in OpenFLIGHT[tm] with linked levels of detail. The highest level-of-detail model is also provided in 3D- Studio (3DS) format.  Included on the disk is a copy of Audition[tm] a 3D model viewer from CG2. Using Audition, each model can be previewed with an interactive fly-around.

Each model is provided with correctly scaled texture patterns that tile seamlessly. Texture patterns match correctly at the corners of buildings. Residences include details appropriate to the architectural styles, such as boxed eves, stairs with rails, door frames, porches, gables, and chimneys.  Some residences have detached garages and fenced lots. Multi-story buildings include street entrances and rooftop equipment.

Models with multiple levels of detail typically cost $500 or more apiece.  Even expensive military simulation databases sometimes make do with just a couple dozen different building models due to the high cost of buying or constructing them.

The entire CGSD E-Town Building Library is available now for only $1795. plus tax and shipping.  To request a formal quotation or to place an order, contact  Additional contact information and payment options are the same as our other products, listed here.  

Demo Animation

The demo is a rendered fly-through of our models placed in an urban setting.

Etown.avi (3.16MB)

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Sample Model

Cape Code house includes model and low resolution textures.

Download 3DS (3D Studio) version 150K

Download OpenFLIGHT (MultiGen) version 124K

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there royalty fees for including models from the Library in databases we ship to our customers?

NO, the models and their texture patterns are royalty-free. We only require that a notice be included with you database stating that the models and texture patterns are copyrighted by CGSD and may not be copied or used apart from the database in which they were included.

Can the models be modified by the user?

YES, they can be read and modified with MultiGen[tm], GameGen[tm], or other OpenFLIGHT compatible software.  The high resolution models can be modified with 3D-Studio Max or other software that can read the 3D Studio format.  The texture patterns can be modified using Adobe Photoshop[tm] or other image manipulation software. You will find some operations to be very easy. For example, since the texture patterns tile, adding more stories to a building is simple. Changing the colors of the texture patterns is an easy way to get more varieties of buildings.

While such derived models may be included in your delivered databases without royalty, you must agree to restrict their reuse in the same way as the original models.

Are landscaping elements counted as individual models in the total of 100?

NO, there are 100 models of buildings and towers, not counting the landscape elements or lower resolution versions of the buildings and towers.

Are the texture patterns realistic?

YES, all of the included texture patterns are derived from original photographs.

Will there be additional model libraries?

YES, we are working on additional building styles, including international styles, as well as other types of objects.

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